School of Wisdom – Pupils’ Proverbs

Keep an eye out for these brilliant modern-day proverbs; written by pupils for our Proverbs School Challenge.

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In Spring 2021 we decided to celebrate the faith and wisdom of young people and so we created the Proverbs School Challenge.

We provided schools with the resources to help inspire pupils from the Book of Proverbs and to help them write their own modern-day proverbs (these resources can still be found here). We then invited schools to send us their pupils’ best modern-day proverbs so that we can share these on this website and on the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales’ social media accounts (,,

Submissions have now closed and we are delighted by the brilliant proverbs that we have received. We will be posting the proverbs each Monday and Friday between now and Spring 2022 so keep an eye out and share these across social media. Thank you to all the schools and pupils that got involved!