How to Read the Bible

A guide to help you enjoy reading Scripture.

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The Bible isn’t always the easiest book to get your head around but it’s definitely worth it!
By reading it, you can let God’s Word become a part of your life.

We’ve put together 10 key points to help you enjoy Scripture:

  1. Pray before you start reading the Bible.
  2. Learn how to find your way around.
  3. Appreciate the variety of what’s in the Bible.
  4. Don’t skip the ‘first series’ – the Old Testament.
  5. Understand how truth is expressed in the Bible.
  6. Explore the different senses of Scripture.
  7. Interpret the Bible using the three golden rules.
  8. Listen to what the Bible has to say about itself.
  9. Recognise the Bible as food for your soul.
  10. Read the Bible with other people and share ideas.

You can read about each of these points in this guide: