Scripture Seekers

Take a closer look at the Bible using our introduction to each book in the Old and New Testaments, listen to the Gospels with our audio series and explore around and beyond the Canon with our latest articles.

Biblically Wild

Richard Goode of Newman University helps us to reconnect with the natural world in these articles about animals that are both familiar to us and that can be found in the Bible.

Between the Testaments

In these articles, Fr Michael Hall and Methodist scripture scholar Margaret Barker explore some of the writings that did not make it into the Old Testament.

Audio Gospels

Listen here to the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke in our audio series.

Introduction to the Bible

The whole point of reading and understanding the Bible is to encounter God, understand the revelation he has given us and grow in faith.

The Old Testament

The books of the Old Testament tell the story of God's covenant with the Israelites. Download the Scripture Seekers' series on the Old Testament here.

The New Testament

The books of the New Testament spring from the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth and the establishment of the new covenant. Download the Scripture Seekers’ series on the New Testament here.