Easter Glory

Our focus this month is on the glorious season of Easter.

This month we celebrate the season of Easter with an article on the women’s reactions at the tomb of Jesus by Fr Michael Winstanley SDB, a modern art reflection on the resurrection by Fleur Dorrell, and a look at what the Book of Proverbs can teach us today with Fr John Deehan.

This month we’ve also created a fun Proverbs Challenge for schools, you can find out more details here.

You can also find our Lent and Holy Week resources here.

As well as our Easter Focus from last year here.

Silent Women: Why the Resurrection went so quiet

In Mark’s Gospel, an angel tells Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome to share the news of the risen Christ but they run away in fear. What is Mark revealing in this detail? Fr Michael Winstanley SDB gives us a fascinating perspective on the women’s reactions at the tomb of Jesus.

Listening in Silence: Easter Glory

Spend some time listening in silence with this abstract painting by Priest-painter - Robert Wright as you journey this Eastertide.

Wisdom for the masses: What the Book of Proverbs can teach us today

Fr John Deehan gives us a rich insight into home education in the Old Testament, and how the wisdom of Proverbs became so central in the development of our faith.