Advent & Christmastide
The Bible and Mental Health
St Jerome and Bible Translation

Following the 1600th anniversary of St Jerome's death on 30 September 2020, our Focus this October is on him and Bible translation.

Scripture and Caring for Creation

To coincide with Creationtide, our Focus for September is on Scripture and our care for Creation.

Scripture and Music
Scripture and Saints

During July we celebrate the communion of saints in heaven. We introduce a saint for each month of the year and their relation to Scripture; and we highlight St Mary Magdalene.

Word in the Home

Our Focus for June is on encountering God at home through our Bible reading.

Ascension to Pentecost

Our focus for May is from Ascension to Pentecost.

The Bible and Disabilities

Our Focus for March is on the Bible and those living with a disability.

Follow the Lion's tale...

Our Focus for February coincides with our first Scripture Tour and the release of our toy lions! Discover more about St Jerome and his lion with these resources.