This month we take a closer look at St Luke, his Gospel and ways to celebrate his Feast Day on 18th October.

St Luke’s Gospel also contains the most complete infancy narrative of all the Gospels – if you’re already excited for Christmas then check out Bible Society’s resources, that are on offer now.

A Whistlestop Tour of Luke

Fleur Dorrell provides an overview of Luke and his Gospel. Find out about the unique stories recorded by Luke, his Gospel's structure and key themes.

Come Dine with Luke...

Take a closer look at the theme of hospitality in Luke's Gospel, that comes up again and again.

NRSV Luke's Gospel

Available to buy now - our special pocket sized edition of Luke's Gospel. Buy in packs of 5 for £7.50 and support the work of the God who Speaks.

St Luke's Gospel Posters

Discover the Gospel of Luke in a visual way with our two new posters.

St Luke's Gospel Day-by-Day

Set yourself the challenge of reading a few verses of St Luke's Gospel each day.