Our Bible Resolutions

Sunday of the Word of God is a great opportunity to take up a New Year's Bible Resolution!

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It’s Sunday of the Word of God again on Sunday 23 January. This is a great opportunity for our churches to celebrate the place of Scripture in our faith. In addition to the Enthroning of the Scriptures, Blessing of Bibles and Commissioning of Readers that will take place across our churches, why not use this date as an opportunity to take up a New Year’s Bible Resolution?

We’ve made a few suggestions below:

Daily Bible Verses

Subscribe to CBCEW Instagram/Facebook or Twitter and read the daily Bible verses that are posted.




Pass it on

Tell somebody in your church about something from this website that you’ve found useful.

Dig into the Lectionary Gospel

Listen to our Audio Gospel of Luke. Or read through Luke using our daily reading plan:

Engage through Art

Dive into the Bible through Art.

Share it with your children

If you have children or grandchildren why not use some of our Education resources at home with them, we have resources for primary and secondary school aged children.

Start a Club

Start a Bible Club in your church, meeting online or in each-others homes. You could meet as often as suits your group (e.g. weekly or monthly). Here’s some material you might want to use as you meet together to read the Bible.