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Journey with Bible Society through Lent and Easter with these great activities and resources available here.

Before Abraham was… Abraham in Early Jewish Interpretation

Susan Docherty provides us with a new perspective on the early life of Abraham. Where did he come from and how was his faith formed as one of the greatest Old Testament Patriarchs?

“Better is someone upright who has no idols…”: Introducing the Letter of Jeremiah

Susan Docherty explores the importance of letter writing in both Christian and Jewish traditions as a way of understanding their place in the Bible. By looking at the Letter of Jeremiah she shows us rich insights into issues such as idolatry and social justice.

Mirrors: how the Bible is key to reconciliation

Michael Pfundner reminds us that Christian unity is both a biblical imperative and a reality if we just approach the Scriptures through a new lens.

The Poet's Gospel: A Lenten Pilgrimage

Use this 6 week Lent course for your personal devotion or with your small group online.

The Psalms: A Doorway to Jewish-Catholic Dialogue

Both Jews and Christians cherish the psalms, study them, and pray them. Use this resource, prepared by Catholic and Jewish Leaders of Canada, to see how each tradition approaches these sacred texts.