BBC Radio 4 to broadcast “A Word for All Seasons” from Yorkshire

This Sunday morning, at 8:10am, BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship programme comes from Yorkshire with a special service “A Word for All Seasons”.

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BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship, scheduled for 8:10am on 19 July, comes from the Diocese of Leeds where priests and parishioners have been exploring the ‘Word Unlocked’ as one of their God who Speaks projects.

Fr Michael Hall will lead ‘A Word for All Seasons’ to reflect on how the ‘God who Speaks’ meets us in the changing circumstances of our lives – especially significant at a time when many Christians will have been turning to the Bible for comfort through the coronavirus pandemic.

Fr Michael is parish priest of two churches St Joseph’s and St Patrick’s in Brighouse and Elland respectively.

The service will include Scripture passages that have particular emphasis on the importance of the Word of God and hymns and motets previously recorded in Leeds Cathedral by the Leeds Diocesan Choirs.

The homily will be given by the Diocese of Leeds’ newest priest, the soon-to-be “Father” Henry Longbottom who will be ordained in Leeds Cathedral just two days before the Sunday Worship Programme.

Listen here:
Listen to BBC Radio 4 live at 8:10am on Sunday, 19 July 2020.