Updates from Clifton

The Diocese of Clifton has shared a great range of videos on their website that help us to find joy in our current situation.

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We’re delighted to bring you these God who Speaks updates from the Diocese of Clifton:

The Joy of the Gospel

The Clifton Diocese website has a great series of personal reflection videos with a range of people reflecting on what passage in Matthew’s Gospel speaks to them of Joy.

Here’s their first video, with Bishop Crispian Hollis:

You can check out the other reflections by: Sr Elizabeth Mary, Fr Anthony Paris, Fr Matt Anscombe and Rachel Mannix on the Clifton Diocese website: cliftondiocese.com/the-god-who-speaks/

Letters from Lockdown

Two of Clifton’s Seminarians, Joseph Meigh and Stuart Ford, have used the lockdown period to create a series of videos based on St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

Philippians is very short – only 4 pages long – but is known as one of St Paul’s most joy-filled letters. Perhaps especially it might help us find joy in our current situation of lockdown, because Paul was writing it from his prison cell – so it shows us how that deepest kind of joy wells up from our relationship with Christ which is within us, whatever our external circumstances.

Watch the rest of this great series on the Clifton Diocese website: cliftondiocese.com/the-god-who-speaks/