Home Alone With St Jerome

What can we learn from St Jerome at this time of self-isolation? We think the answer is lots; so in this section we've suggested some ways you can social distance in the company of St Jerome.

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In September 2020 we will be celebrating the 1600th anniversary of St Jerome’s death. As we face the current challenges of self-isolation it makes sense to turn to St Jerome for help as he was very experienced in social distancing.

Home Alone Group Chat

We’ve created a conversation in the style of a WhatsApp group chat between us, St Jerome, St Paula, St Eustochium and St Jerome’s faithful lion.

All of the content is factually correct and most of St Jerome’s words are direct quotations of his (although we did deploy creative freedom, especially when it comes to the lion..!)

We hope that it will be a useful dialogue to engage with.

St Jerome in The National Gallery

The National Gallery has many images of St Jerome in its collection. You can find these paintings all in one place on their website here.

The National Gallery has also shared this brilliant 10 minute talk on St Jerome in his study. You can watch it here.

Meditate on the Scriptures

One piece of advice from St Jerome is to meditate on Scripture. Here are a list of key Bible passages that can help deepen our relationship with God as we read them at home.

Memorise Scripture

Another key piece of advice is to memorise Scripture. This can seem overwhelming to us today, so here’s a Bible Society article with great practical tips on how to do this.

Bible Journalling

St Jerome, St Paula and St Eustochium painstakingly wrote out the Scriptures, translating them from the original languages into Latin. Whilst most of us won’t be working on a new translation of the Bible, you may find Bible journalling a helpful alternative to engage deeply with Scripture. Here’s an article by Bible Society on how to start Bible journalling.