Inspiring Stories

There's nothing quite like reading an inspiring story you can relate to - especially these days.

7 Steps Bible Sharing Groups

Chris Rosser introduces us to the power of 7 Steps Bible Sharing Groups on Zoom and how this model could also benefit your own parish community.

The Word who is with us always

Dr Lynn Bassett explores how the Word made flesh accompanies us in the word in this time of Eucharistic famine.

God still speaks

Frances Murphy describes her experience of the current lockdown.

How the Scriptures can transform us

Fr Chris Thomas, a priest of the Liverpool Archdiocese, shares his reflections on what the transformed heart looks like.

God’s ever abiding presence!

See how Chris Rosser shows God’s ever-abiding presence in the Scriptures and how they come alive in the Mass.

Gospel Activists - Scripture's Calling

Sr Judith Russi SSMN on how we need to be Gospel Activists and deepen our knowledge of Scripture to proclaim the Gospel in all its challenges and radicality.

When I was a stranger, you made me welcome

Fr Joe Ryan shares some powerful Scriptural texts about social justice and how they’ve shaped his life, faith and ministry.