Our Top Tens

Our Top Ten series features different creative ways you can engage with Scripture at home; from Biblical blockbusters to paintings inspired by the Gospels.

Do you like our choices? What are your Top Tens?

We hope you’ll find our lists helpful for personal or group use. Why not set up a club and share your passion for films, art or books. You could meet via video call or over the phone and enjoy sharing your reviews each week!

Our Top Ten Plants in the Bible

For those with green fingers - here's some gardening inspiration from these Biblical trees and flowers.

Our Top Ten Musical Instruments in the Bible

The Bible is filled with references to music and instruments. If we try to imagine all the sounds described in it then it's a very noisy read. Here's our list of top musical instruments mentioned in the Bible.

Our Top Ten Heroes & Villains

We take a closer look at some of the classic 'heroes' and 'villains' found in the Bible.

Our Top Ten Fashion Influencers in the Bible

Our list of men and women in the Bible who ‘wore it best’ – were they trendsetters in their day? - There’s no proof but this was a list we just had to do!

Our Top Ten Pop Culture Playlist

Many artists in popular culture have used Christian religious imagery in their lyrics. We've picked out our Top Ten examples of this.

Our Top Ten Spiritually Uplifting Films

A selection of films to watch which all have faith and spirituality at their heart.

Our Top Ten Sacred Novels

Fleur Dorrell reviews her favourite novels with sacred themes.

Our Top Ten Parables

The parables of Jesus can teach us just as much today as they taught the hearers at the time.

Our Top Ten Animals in the Bible

What's your favourite animal in the Bible? Here are ours, with the Bible passages so you can look them up!

Our Top Ten Biblical Blockbusters

Here are some of our favourite Biblical films to watch.

Our Top Ten Paintings Inspired by the Gospels

Here you can reflect on these works of art alongside the Scripture verses which inspired them.