Art Matters

Our collection of articles celebrating and discussing the Bible and Art.

Why we need art in our world

We need art and art needs us. Fleur Dorrell looks at the power and therapeutic value of art to help us navigate daily life. She explores both classical and modern artists and the contexts in which their art has emerged, and celebrates art as a universal necessity.

Reconciling symbolism and revelation in Caravaggio’s ‘Supper at Emmaus’ paintings

Caravaggio’s two paintings of the Supper at Emmaus from the Gospel of St. Luke’s story of the Road to Emmaus focus on the culmination of a journey that becomes religious through the use of dramatic symbolism and revelation. In this article, Fleur Dorrell explores what it is that needs to be reconciled and for whom.

The Art of Stained Glass Scripture

Lo & Behold is a digital art project that uses unique art pieces found in Catholic churches and cathedrals across the UK to share the stories of the Bible.

Christian Art

For 2,000 years, art has played a major role in spreading the Good News. God has not just spoken to us in words, but also in images. Patrick van der Vorst is the founder of Christian Art which offers a daily reflection on the Gospel reading accompanied by art. In this article he explores the importance of art throughout the ages.