Our Lady

Join us in celebrating the role Our Lady plays in Scripture and in our faith.

Our Lady in Scripture Posters

Share the key Bible verses about Mary with our free posters.

Audio: Hail Mary, Full of Grace

Listen to the Hail Mary prayer in a variety of languages with these audio tracks.

Our Lady and the Thread of Life

Fleur Dorrell explores some of the less commonly known symbols in art and scripture related to Our Lady, and their wider meanings for our faith and spirituality.

The Feast of the Assumption - A Reflection

Amégée Olongo shares a short reflection on a stained glass window designed by Evie Hone.

Sun, moon and stars: The role of Mary in the book of Revelation

Fr Michael Hall considers why the vision of the Woman in Revelation is believed by Catholics to be a reference to Our Lady, Queen of Heaven.