Creation Care

Here we take a closer look at our creation care responsibilities.

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Reflecting on Baptism and Salvation in the Bible Symbols between Noah and Christ

Monsignor Kevin McGinnell explores the key Biblical symbols between baptism and salvation through Noah in the Old Testament and Christ in the New Testament. He helps us to understand these symbols in our faith and their relevance today in our care for creation and the climate change crisis.

Noah’s Burden: A personal ecological reflection on Noah

Dr Richard Goode navigates the story of Noah and its clarion call today from his own canal boat in the West Midlands. Richard shows us that through biblical catastrophe, we can find more holistic ways to live in the world through Christ’s saving hope and a renewed vision of creation.

Cosmic Love: Eucharist and Creation

Bishop Peter Brignall explores the biblical foundations of the Eucharist in the Hebrew Scriptures. He locates the great themes and festivals in the cycle of nature revealing the work of the Creator God. Finally, he opens these themes out in the theology of the Eucharist in recent Papal teaching.

The Heart of God in Crisis: Noah and the Ark

David McLoughlin reflects on the Biblical narrative of Noah in both the Old and New Testaments.

Care for our Common Home. What would Noah have done?

Edward de Quay is the Integral Ecology Project Officer for the Laudato Si Research Institute. Here he tells us how the Catholic Church is responding to one of the biggest crises currently facing our planet.

The Bible, the Lion and the Desert

Sr Margaret Atkins reveals the crucial connection between the Bible, the lion and the desert.

Painting the World: Scripture and the Environment in Art

Fleur Dorrell explores three modern paintings that each reveal a different facet of God’s relationship with the earth.

A Place in the Choir - Lyric Video

We LOVE this cute lyric video uploaded to YouTube... enjoy!