Good Work

What does the Bible have to say about how we work and when we should rest? In this section we explore current work practices and their impact on workers in the context of Scripture and our Catholic faith.

This section by David McLoughlin starts by looking at the seven days of the week through the lens of how and why we work. What does the Bible have to say and how do we show dignity in the workplace?

Monday: Blessing or Curse?

David McLoughlin looks at two models of work using Genesis to explore how work can be both a blessing and a curse.

Tuesday: Is our 24/7 culture the new slavery?

David McLoughlin looks at how the liberation of Exodus still needs to happen for many enslaved men, women and children, even in contemporary Britain.

Wednesday: Working for Kings

David McLoughlin considers a re-reading of the "wisdom" of King Solomon in 1 Kings 4 in light of some of our current employment practices.

Thursday: The right to decent work and a fair wage.

David McLoughlin tackles unacceptable welfare conditions alongside Jesus’ teachings about justice, compassion and integrity in the work place.

Friday: Working towards the Common Good

David McLoughlin explores legislation for workers’ rights and our vocation to image God’s creative love in all our relationships, including our place of work.

Saturday: Volunteers as Artisans of Solidarity

David McLoughlin looks at the biblical basis for volunteering and how such work builds the common good that is at the heart of the kingdom of God on earth.

Sunday: Working towards the Seventh Day

David McLoughlin shows us the difference between rest and restlessness and of how we are called to become the seventh day.