Discover more about the great feast of Pentecost and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit here.

The Acts of the Apostles: A Guide to the Holy Spirit

Fr Michael Hall shows us how the dynamic work of the Holy Spirit in Acts gives us the motivation, inspiration and guidance that we need in our faith today.

Mystery without limits: The Holy Spirit in Art

How do artists portray the Holy Spirit in visual terms? Fleur Dorrell looks at what the Bible tells us about the Spirit, and then at three very different styles of paintings to explore this challenge.

O for the wings of a Dove: why is this bird so significant in the Bible and our Faith?

To celebrate Pentecost this year, Fleur Dorrell looks at where and why the dove features in the Bible and other sources. What is it about this particular bird that has inspired such rich Christian imagery and theology?

Pentecost and barriers to language: how the Holy Spirit communicates beyond words.

Rosie MacIntyre from Portsmouth Diocese offers us a unique perspective on Pentecost. She shows us how the Holy Spirit breaks down the barriers to communication among children and adults who use non-verbal language to share and engage with the Catholic faith.

Pentecost Novena on the Care of Creation

The Bishops of England and Wales offer this Pentecost Novena; prepared for the church in response to the latest Bishops' Plenary with the God who Speaks team.

Spirit and Life: God’s Word and the Power of Pentecost

Dr Maria Heath of Northampton Diocese challenges us to respond to God’s calling this Pentecost through exploring three Biblical words: WAIT, GO and COME. She helps us to see how our gifts and openness to the Spirit can lead to dynamic discipleship in our church and mission today.

Hearts on Fire – dovetailing faith and prayer this Pentecost

Canon Chris Thomas looks at how the Spirit was always part of Jesus’ life, and after the Ascension and Pentecost, how the Spirit became the animator of the early Church. This rich article offers us much to pray and reflect with as well as an invitation to mission.