Discover the great feast of the Ascension of Jesus, and explore this extraordinary event through Scripture and art.

Beyond the Cloud: The Ascension of Christ

Fleur Dorrell explores Christ’s Ascension beyond the Cloud. Why did Jesus need to ascend and what can Scripture show us about this extraordinary event?

Eastertide Through Art: A Visual Journey

Fleur Dorrell takes us on a visual journey through Eastertide.

The Cloud of Knowing: The Meaning of Clouds in Scripture

Throughout the Bible clouds reveal the presence and glory of God. Fleur Dorrell explores when they appear and why they are so important in our understanding of Scripture.

Easter to Pentecost - Free Downloadable Poster

What happens to Jesus after his resurrection? Where does he go and who does he meet? This colourful poster shows you some of the key biblical events between Easter and Pentecost.