Saint Jerome

St Jerome (Born: c.347 AD, Died: 420 AD) is a key figure in our campaign, he is renowned and praised for his many Commentaries on Scriptures and for his masterpiece, the translation of the whole Bible into the everyday Latin.

St Jerome is the patron saint of translators and scholars – having translated the Bible into Latin, the common language of his day.

Here you will find great resources and articles to help you deepen your love of Scripture as you discover more about St Jerome, his faithful lion and Bible translation.

Watch Cardinal Vincent Nichols in the National Gallery as he offers his reflections on the painting ‘Saints Jerome and John the Baptist’ by Italian Renaissance artist Masaccio here.

Who was Saint Jerome?

Fr Jerome Ituah introduces us to Saint Jerome and what we can learn from him.

Follow the Lion's tale... Free Resources

Discover more about St Jerome and his lion with these free resources for adults and children.

St Jerome and Bible Translation

Read about St Jerome's translation work in Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter and find out about the work of modern day translators here.