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Inspiration to deepen our faith and our love of Scripture through Art.

Here you’ll find articles and videos on incredible works of art that each focus on a biblical story or theme. We also share information about our official artist Pete Codling, articles on wider aspects of artistic meaning, and links to art projects taking place across our dioceses.

Why not enrich your spiritual journey by visiting the National Gallery online and discover just how many paintings focus on the Bible and Bible stories?

Art projects across our dioceses:

– The Archdiocese of Birmingham invites you to reflect on St Matthew’s Gospel with a weekly meditation by Fr Dries van den Akker SJ on the unique paintings of Catholic artist Peter Clare. You can find these weekly meditations here:

– Life Transfigured: Catholic Faith and the Arts: Talks and workshops exploring the interaction between Faith and the Arts. Find out more:

Women in Scripture Podcasts

Listen to the Women in Scripture Podcast series here and read Fleur Dorrell's art reflections on these inspiring women.

Art Videos

Watch our videos of art reflections inspired by some of the great stories in Scripture. Discover how artists have interpreted the Bible creatively, and enabled us to see the beauty and power of God through this visual medium.

Art Matters
Our Artist

We’re delighted to have commissioned Pete Codling as our artist for 'The God Who Speaks'.

Scripture and Music

Discover the influence of the Bible on our sung worship during Mass.