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Free downloadable posters – Bible Heroines

Download our Bible Heroines posters and be inspired by some amazing women. Get creative with our writing activities and retell their stories for modern times.

Free downloadable poster – See with John

Download our free See with John poster for schools and parishes and discover the Gospel’s message.

Free downloadable poster – Whistlestop tour of John’s Gospel

Download our free Whistlestop Tour Poster to assist your reading of John’s Gospel. Find out about the powerful symbolism and poetic style which are distinctive features of his writing.

Free downloadable poster – Serve with Luke

Download our free Serve with Luke poster for schools and parishes and discover the Gospel’s message of welcome and service.

Free downloadable poster – Whistlestop tour of Luke’s Gospel

This free poster will give you a whistlestop tour of Luke’s gospel. Find out about the unique stories recorded by Luke, his Gospel’s structure and key themes. A great introduction for young people to the Gospel of St Luke.

Free downloadable poster – Fish with Mark

Download our free fish with Mark poster for schools and parishes and discover the key highlights of this Gospel in a creative and fun way. Follow the main narrative of the Gospel through the clouds and then dive in and fish out some of the key stories of Jesus interacting with the people he meets.

Free downloadable poster – Whistlestop tour of Mark’s Gospel

A great way to share an introduction to Mark’s Gospel. Download our free Whistlestop Tour Poster to help you share and read this Gospel. It explains when the Gospel was written and for whom, the literary techniques, style and vocabulary, key themes and the disciples’ characters.

Free downloadable poster – Journey with Matthew through his Gospel

Learn more about Matthew and his Gospel with this free downloadable poster. Use our Matthew Poster and follow the Gospel trail:

Free downloadable poster – Journey through the Bible poster

People of the Bible; can you work out who’s who in this poster?

Free downloadable poster – Anna and Simeon

The Bible is filled with the stories of faithful people who are older in age. Use this poster to learn about Anna and Simeon’s great example of a prayerful life.  Ideal for yourchurch or school as you celebrate the new World Day for Grandparents and the Elderly on the fourth Sunday of July.

Free downloadable poster – St Joseph in Scripture

Who was St Joseph, and what can we learn about him from the Bible? Joseph is the patron saint of worker and fathers. Use this poster to discover more about St Joseph in your school and church.

Free downloadable poster – Our Lady in Scripture posters

What does the Bible tell us about the life of Our Lady?  Share her story with these posters about Our Lady in your school and church.

Free downloadable poster – Holy Week in the Bible

Where can you learn more about Holy Week in the Bible? Download our free Holy Week poster for your school or church.

Lent family activities poster

Download our free Lent poster for your school or church.

Free downloadable Lent poster

Share our Lent poster and learn about these six weeks leading up to Easter and what happens during this time. This is a great resource to answer questions about why we ‘give things up’ for Lent and the other traditions we, as Catholics, uphold during Lent.

Free downloadable Ash Wednesday poster

Share our Ash Wednesday poster in your school or parish and learn about what happens on Ash Wednesday and why. This poster is written in clear language and is easy for children to understand.

The Bible is a collection of lots of books. The Catholic Bible bookshelf poster.

The Bible isn’t just one book! This poster illustrates the different sections that make up the Bible. An easy to use visual representation for children and young people who are learning about the Bible.

Use our Bible bookshelf poster in your school:

Free downloadable poster – The 12 Apostles

Discover more about these 12 special friends of Jesus.

I Am Poster – Jesus describes himself – Free downloadable poster

In John’s Gospel, Jesus describes himself using seven different images which all begin with ‘I am…’. This is what Jesus says about who he is and our relationship with him.

Free downloadable poster – 10 Catholic symbols

Since the earliest times symbols have been important in every human culture. Catholic symbols help to deepen our faith. Learn about these Catholic symbols that help us to deepen our faith and shape our prayer.