About the Bible

The Christian Bible has had a huge influence on the history of the world. It has touched individuals and societies in so many different ways. Explore Sacred Scripture with us here.

Information, articles and inspiration to help us explore Sacred Scripture.

Why ‘The God Who Speaks’?

We explain how we encounter Jesus Christ because we have a ‘God who Speaks’ and from where our ‘God who Speaks’ initiative takes its name.

Why ‘The God Who Speaks’? >

Bible Basics

In this section we go back to basics. We’ll provide you with information, articles and inspiration to help you understand and explore Sacred Scripture.

Our Top Tens

A creative way to dive into Scripture. Featuring everything from angels, heroes, music, film and fashion!

Official Prayers

Here are four prayers for 'The God who Speaks' Scripture initiative.

Sunday Reflections

In this section we reflect on the Sunday Mass readings each month.

Gospels and Psalms

Find out about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ with these four accounts left by the Early Church. Take a look at the Psalms and how they prepare us for life lived in the Spirit and in Jesus Christ.

Bible Overview

Take a closer look at the Bible using our introduction to each book in the Old and New Testaments.

Inspiring Quotes

We have produced a series of posters that you can download with inspiring quotes to promote a focus on Scripture as we celebrate 'The God Who Speaks'.

Going Deeper

Explore around and beyond the Canon with these fascinating articles on some of the more unusual writings and themes within our tradition.


Here we'd like to point you in the direction of some excellent resources to help deepen your engagement with the God Who Speaks through Scripture.