Proverbs School Challenge

We've created a Proverbs Challenge for both Primary and Secondary Schools - to get pupils writing their own modern-day Proverbs.

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The Proverbs School Challenge celebrates the faith and wisdom of young people by inviting them to be inspired by the Book of Proverbs and to write their own modern-day proverbs.

Before your pupils write their own proverbs, you might want to spend some time focussing with them on the book of Proverbs using the downloadable resources below.

Read Fr John Deehan’s article on Proverbs here and get inspired to learn, share and celebrate our children and young people’s wisdom from around the dioceses as Jesus commanded us to do.

Resources for Teachers:

Poster advertising the challenge:

An information sheet on Proverbs which can be used as background information or as reading for older pupils:

Some example Proverbs and discussion questions:

A help sheet which can be used to support pupils as they write their own proverb: