Going Deeper

Explore around and beyond the Canon with these fascinating articles on some of the more unusual writings and themes within our tradition.

Law and Mercy in the Scriptures and Today

These articles explore law and mercy in the Scriptures and in the world today. How did Jesus interpret them and what does this mean for our current values and legislation?

Poverty in the Bible

In these articles David McLoughlin explores poverty in the Bible and of how Jesus turns the tables on the wealthy and powerful. By re-considering some well-known parables and a new economy of life in God, David challenges us to reflect on Scripture and social justice today.

Between the Testaments

In these articles, Fr Michael Hall and Methodist scripture scholar Margaret Barker explore some of the writings that did not make it into the Old Testament.

Creation Commandments

In these 10 articles by Margaret Barker, Fr Michael Hall responds to their call and offers us a series of ‘Creation Commandments’ to aid our reflection and prayers in the lead up to COP26 and beyond.

Biblically Wild

Richard Goode of Newman University helps us to reconnect with the natural world in these articles about animals that are both familiar to us and that can be found in the Bible.

Before Abraham was… Abraham in Early Jewish Interpretation

Susan Docherty provides us with a new perspective on the early life of Abraham. Where did he come from and how was his faith formed as one of the greatest Old Testament Patriarchs?

“Better is someone upright who has no idols…”: Introducing the Letter of Jeremiah

Susan Docherty explores the importance of letter writing in both Christian and Jewish traditions as a way of understanding their place in the Bible. By looking at the Letter of Jeremiah she shows us rich insights into issues such as idolatry and social justice.

Mirrors: how the Bible is key to reconciliation

Michael Pfundner reminds us that Christian unity is both a biblical imperative and a reality if we just approach the Scriptures through a new lens.

The Psalms: A Doorway to Jewish-Catholic Dialogue

Both Jews and Christians cherish the psalms, study them, and pray them. Use this resource, prepared by Catholic and Jewish Leaders of Canada, to see how each tradition approaches these sacred texts.

One Man and his Dog: Literary devices and biblical themes in the Book of Tobit

In this article, Fleur Dorrell explores some of the literary devices and biblical themes in the book of Tobit. Using Robert Alter’s The Art of Biblical Narrative she shows how Tobit is primarily concerned with divine revelation and holy living.

Coronations and the Bible

The religious Coronation of a monarch is very ancient. The origin of the Coronation ceremony is rooted in the Bible.