Primary Schools

Activity sheets, Scripture tools and resources to help nurture faith in our schools.

Secondary Schools
PowerPoints for School Assemblies

Check out these great primary and secondary school PowerPoints on the Bible from the Diocese of Westminster.

The Bible Alive in Church Poster

Download our free poster and discover how our worship in Church has its basis in Scripture.

Posters for Schools

Free downloadable posters ready for you to use in your school or parish today.

Run your own Noah Day!

Download our free collective worship plans and other resources for primary and secondary schools here.

Proverbs School Challenge

We've created a Proverbs Challenge for both Primary and Secondary Schools - to get pupils writing their own modern-day Proverbs.

School of Wisdom - Pupils' Proverbs

Keep an eye out for these brilliant modern-day proverbs; written by pupils for our Proverbs School Challenge.

Plain English Stories

Our Plain English Stories for Christmas and Easter are designed for children who prefer the Bible in plain English words and pictures.