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A creative way to dive into Scripture. Featuring everything from angels, heroes, music, film and fashion!

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Our Top Ten Quotes on the Bible by Pope Francis 

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Pope Francis’ papacy on 13th March 2023, we’ve chosen our favourite quotations about the power of Scripture from his many writings and speeches.

Take a look at our Top Ten Prophets and be inspired by their lives of faith, courage and determination. See how they faced tricky kings, enemies, powerful leaders and nations.

Our Top Ten Nativity Animal Paintings

No Nativity depiction of a manger is complete without its donkey, ox and sheep. Explore our carefully curated collection of Nativity animal images for resource ideas this Christmas.

Our Top Ten Family Values

To coincide with the Year of the Family, which is being celebrated by churches across the globe, we look at our top ten family values and the Bible families that demonstrate them best.

Our Top Ten Angels in the Bible

Angels, the Bible and art. Take a look at these different depictions of angels in art and explore the Bible passages that inspired them.

Our Top Ten Home Quotes

Having spent much more time at home over this last year, we've turned to the Bible to find our top ten quotes about the home.

Our Top Ten Plants in the Bible

For those with green fingers - here's some gardening inspiration from these Biblical trees and flowers.

Our Top Ten Musical Instruments in the Bible

The Bible is filled with references to music and instruments. If we try to imagine all the sounds described in it then it's a very noisy read. Here's our list of top musical instruments mentioned in the Bible.

Our Top Ten Heroes & Villains

We take a closer look at some of the classic 'heroes' and 'villains' found in the Bible.

Our Top Ten Fashion Influencers in the Bible

Fashion and the Bible! Who were the first fashion influencers?? We’ve compiled a top ten list of men and women in the Bible who ‘wore it best’. Were they trendsetters in their day? We don’t know for sure but this was a list we just had to do! The Bible is teeming with charismatic characters who would be viewed as style and fashion icons had they lived in our day! From queens and governor’s wives to kings and judges, they provide fascinating examples of faith, fearlessness and ingenuity.

Our Top Ten Pop Culture Playlist

Pop songs and the Bible – here’s our top ten. Many pop stars and bands have looked to the Bible and Christian religious imagery to inspire the creativity in their lyrics. We've picked out our Top Ten examples of pop songs where you can hear Christian imagery and themes. Use our list of pop songs with Christian imagery to engage and young people and adults in schools and parishes. A great conversation starter and an interesting example of how the Bible and Christianity can inspire modern day artists.

Our Top Ten Spiritually Uplifting Films

A selection of films to watch which all have faith and spirituality at their heart. Want to watch a film with a spiritual soul? Our list of ten spiritually uplifting films is a great place to start. From old favourites to modern classics we hope you’ll enjoy working your way through these films and that your faith will be enriched as a result. Read our top ten list of spiritually uplifting films below.

Our Top Ten Sacred Novels

Fleur Dorrell reviews her favourite novels with sacred themes. Looking for a great book which combines beautiful prose with a spiritual centre? Our top ten sacred novels are your go-to reading list to nurture your faith while being a fantastic read. We’ve included a brief synopsis and links for you to read these top ten sacred novels.

Our Top Ten Parables

The parables of Jesus can teach us just as much today as they taught the hearers at the time.

Our Top Ten Animals in the Bible

What's your favourite animal in the Bible? Here are ours, with the Bible passages so you can look them up!

Our Top Ten Biblical Blockbusters

Here are some of our favourite Biblical films to watch.

Our Top Ten Paintings Inspired by the Gospels

Here you can reflect on these works of art alongside the Scripture verses which inspired them.

Our Top 10 Saints

Explore our collection of ten inspiring saints to strengthen and enrich your faith journey.