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We’re delighted to have commissioned Pete Codling as our artist for 'The God Who Speaks'.

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Pete Codling has created an exciting artwork – Little Bits of God – which is inspired by The God who Speaks theme.

Mosaic Experience

The artwork has already travelled to several locations across the UK on our Scripture Tour, for those of you who haven’t been able to see it in person, we have created this 360° virtual experience for you to enjoy:


Videos of the Mosaic

In this video Pete shows each panel of the mosaic and explains the process of translating the story of the Bible and various saints into the artwork:

Here is a further short video of Pete at work in his studio in Southsea:

Pete’s vision

‘This commission from Bible Society and the Catholic Bishops’ Conference for ‘The God Who Speaks’ initiative has inspired me to create a Byzantine and multi-panel smalti-mosaic. It reflects how God speaks through all ages and to all people. I take you on a journey through the life of Jesus, Mary, St Jerome, St Matthew and many other biblical figures united through the dynamic of the Trinity. In using techniques in mosaic and wood, I reference the translation of the bible through material and imagery as well as through word.

The idea behind this artwork has challenged me technically as well as artistically. My research for this artwork took me to Ravenna and Venice in search of materials, technique and craftmanship. It is very detailed and colourful, full of contrast and texture, lots to look at! It is relatively small in comparison with my other work, but is certainly a heavy weight in terms of its content and ambition. I look forward to sharing it with you all soon.’

Photo taken at the Westminster Cathedral Scripture Tour in January 2020. Used with kind permission from the Diocese of Westminster.

God speaks to us today

‘The desire to make a new devotional and beautiful work of art, worthy of the great cathedrals, is felt heavily in my knowledge of art history and my personal experience of seeing the work of the old masters. Great artwork that transcends time speaks to us today of both Christianity, and of the bigger human condition in all its cultural forms.

The hymn ‘God moves in a Mysterious Way’ can also be said of how he speaks to us not just through the bible but quietly, to us as individuals through an inner voice; through inspiration, creativity and our experience of art.’

Photo taken at the Westminster Cathedral Scripture Tour in January 2020. Used with kind permission from the Diocese of Westminster.

About Pete Codling

Pete’s creative practice is based in the traditions of public art. Pete works in a variety of material and scale to produce commissioned sculpture and public art. It always involves local stories, narratives and historical reference and where possible, a contemporary twist.

Pete’s public art and sculpture commissions support his personal studio practice which specializes in large scale figurative charcoal drawings exploring the human condition, for example: the ‘Soup of Souls’ or the ‘Naivety Drawings’ exhibited at Portsmouth Anglican Cathedral in 2019. These artworks have gained Awards such as The Bezalel and The Osanna Prize and have been supported by Arts Council England. Pete is based in Southsea.

Check out Pete’s dedicated project page on Instagram: @little_bits_of_god_