The Bible inspires learning, culture, art, music and literature. With a renewed love of Scripture comes the opportunity and desire to share it with others.

Scripture Soundbites

Listen to these 2 minute reflections on the Sunday Gospels with your students. More >

Online Scripture Day

Join Fr. Jerome Ituah from the Diocese of Menevia for a day of reflection on the Scriptures. More >

Portsmouth Podcasts

The Diocese of Portsmouth has a great variety of podcasts available on their website. Listen to Bible testimonies, reflections and teaching from across their diocese. More >

Photo Challenge

In celebration of the many paintings of Saint Jerome we challenge you to recreate one at home/school. More >

Translation and Transformation

Fr Michael Hall shows us how the choices made by Bible translators can have a huge impact on the reader. More >

Revelation and Reception

Fr. John Hemer explains why we need to receive the Bible in our own language and the translation methods used to do this. More >

Little Bits of God – Our Smalti-Mosaic Artwork

Watch our new video showcasing the completed God who Speaks artwork and the artist, Pete Codling, explaining his artistic process. More >

October 2020: St Jerome and Bible translation

Our Focus for October is on St Jerome and Bible translation. More >

Posters for Schools

Download our selection of free posters here. More >


For those with green fingers - here's some gardening inspiration from these Biblical trees and flowers. More >

Primary Collective Worship Resources

We have created 12 Collective Worship session plans (plus handouts) to help engage primary school children with the Scriptures. More >

Musical Instruments

The Bible is filled with references to music and instruments. If we try to imagine all the sounds described in it then it's a very noisy read. Here's our list of top musical instruments mentioned in the Bible. More >

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