The Bible inspires learning, culture, art, music and literature. With a renewed love of Scripture comes the opportunity and desire to share it with others.


Fleur Dorrell highlights the central role Miriam plays in Israel's history and how she interprets the Exodus through song. More >

Mary of Bethany

Fleur Dorrell takes a closer look at the life of Mary of Bethany and this wonderful painting by the Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer. More >

Why we need art in our world

We need art and art needs us. Fleur Dorrell looks at the power and therapeutic value of art to help us navigate daily life. More >

One Man and his Dog

In this article, Fleur Dorrell explores some of the literary devices and biblical themes in the book of Tobit. More >

Reconciling symbolism and revelation in Caravaggio’s ‘Supper at Emmaus’ paintings

Fleur Dorrell explores how Caravaggio uses symbol and revelation in his two paintings portraying the Supper at Emmaus. More >

St John’s Gospel Posters

Come and See with John through this visual representation of his Gospel. Discover how John ‘sees’ Christ from another perspective and in a different style of language. More >

Elijah and our Lenten Journey

In this article, Fr Jerome Ituah OCD, presents Elijah, a prophet fleeing from his homeland because of the threat to his life, as a model of consolation to all those undergoing traumatic distress, especially our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. More >

The Resurrection in Art

What exactly happened to Jesus at his resurrection? What are the challenges for artists in portraying this extraordinary event? More >

A Whistlestop Tour of John

Fleur Dorrell provides an overview of John's Gospel. Find out about the powerful symbolism and poetic style which are distinctive features of his writing. More >

The Bible Alive in Church Poster

Download our free poster and discover how our worship in Church has its basis in Scripture. More >

Our Lady in Scripture Posters

Share the key Bible verses about Mary with our free posters. More >

Our Lady and the Thread of Life

Fleur Dorrell explores some of the less commonly known symbols in art and scripture related to Our Lady, and their wider meanings for our faith and spirituality. More >

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