The Bible inspires learning, culture, art, music and literature. With a renewed love of Scripture comes the opportunity and desire to share it with others.

Online Scripture Day

Join the Diocese of Menevia for their Online Scripture Day of Reflection on Saturday 20th November. More >

The Christmas Donkey

A new and interactive way to tell the Christmas story. More >

The Raven – עֹרֵב (orev); κόραξ (korax)

Richard Goode takes a closer look at the raven and its appearance both inside and outside Scripture. More >

The Hare – אַרְנֶבֶת (arnevet)

Richard Goode explores the emotive place the hare has within biblical and post-biblical tradition. More >

Deer – אַיָּל (ayyal), אַיָּלָה (ayyalah), עֹ֫פֶר (opher), יַחְמוּר (yachmur)

Richard Goode considers the important place deer held for the biblical writers and still do hold within the British psyche. More >

Dolphin/porpoise – תַּ֫חַשׁ (tachash)

Richard Goode dives into the surprising and somewhat mysterious biblical references to the dolphin/porpoise. More >

Biblically Wild

Richard Goode helps us to reconnect with the natural world in these articles about animals that are both familiar to us and that can be found in the Bible. More >

Posters for Schools

Download our selection of free posters here. More >

St Luke’s Gospel

Luke's account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ contains some of the most well known Bible stories, parables and teachings. More >

Latest Resources

Discover the latest resources from Bible Society here. More >

St Luke’s Gospel Posters

Discover the Gospel of Luke in a visual way with our two new posters. More >

NRSV Luke’s Gospel

Available to buy now - our special pocket sized edition of Luke's Gospel. Buy in packs of 5 for £7.50 and support the work of the God who Speaks. More >

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