Discover the Letter of James

Stuart Ford guides us through the Letter of James using our faith and imagination. He offers questions for reflection and prayer to connect with this precious part of Scripture.

Stuart Ford guides us through the Letter of James using our imagination and prayer. With questions and reflection on this precious part of Scripture, we see how James is full of wisdom for our faith today.

Stuart Ford is a member of the God Who Speaks and Bible Society Teams. He is a freelance writer.

The Letter of James: Introduction

This short, practical jewel of a Letter in the New Testament speaks to us with conviction and power. Take a look at this overview before you dive into each chapter.

The Letter of James: Chapter 1

Here Stuart explores life’s trials and difficulties and the importance of hearing and doing.

The Letter of James: Chapters 2 and 3

Here Stuart shows us what charity looks like through avoiding partiality; in the royal law of love and in the relationship between faith and works.

The Letter of James: Chapters 4 and 5

Here Stuart looks at division and conflict; challenges to the rich; and patience in suffering and prayer.