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A Place in the Choir – Lyric Video

We LOVE this cute lyric video uploaded to YouTube... enjoy! More >

Painting the sounds

Fleur Dorrell takes us on a visual exploration of sacred music as depicted in three different paintings. More >

Scripture and Music

Discover the influence of the Bible on our sung worship during Mass. More >

Musical Instruments

The Bible is filled with references to music and instruments. If we try to imagine all the sounds described in it then it's a very noisy read. Here's our list of top musical instruments mentioned in the Bible. More >

Singing Scripture in the liturgy

Frances Novillo, a liturgical musician, explains the background to, and importance of, singing Scripture in the liturgy. More >

Pop Culture Playlist

Many artists in popular culture have used Christian religious imagery in their lyrics. We've picked out our Top Ten examples of this. More >