Whenever we celebrate the liturgy, the Scriptures are proclaimed. We listen to God speaking to us with the Church. In the sacraments and through our prayers we celebrate and encounter Christ.

Celebrating the Assumption of Our Lady

A Mini Retreat from the Diocese of Middlesbrough. More >

Painting the sounds

Fleur Dorrell takes us on a visual exploration of sacred music as depicted in three different paintings. More >

Singing Scripture in the liturgy

Frances Novillo, a liturgical musician, explains the background to, and importance of, singing Scripture in the liturgy. More >

Singing the Psalms

Frances Novillo, a liturgical musician, highlights the many times during Mass that you're likely to sing straight from the Psalms, and the significance of this for our worship and faith. More >

Scripture and Music

Our Focus for August is on music and the Bible. More >

BBC Radio 4 to broadcast “A Word for All Seasons” from Yorkshire

This Sunday morning, at 8:10am, BBC Radio 4’s Sunday Worship programme comes from Yorkshire with a special service “A Word for All Seasons”. More >

A Saint for each Month

In celebration of the communion of saints in heaven, we introduce a saint for each month of the year and their connection to Scripture. More >

St Mary Magdalene in Art

Fleur Dorrell looks at the many different ways Mary Magdalene has been depicted in art. More >

Scripture and Saints

During July we celebrate the communion of saints in heaven. We introduce a saint for each month of the year and their relation to Scripture; and we highlight St Mary Magdalene. More >

Bible stories to fire the imagination

Eleanor Lalley shares her experience of reading the Bible as a child and her desire to spark that enthusiasm in her own children. More >

Being The Domestic Church

Encouragement for families. More >

COVID-19 and The Year Of The Word

Fr Ashley Beck shares his reflections on encountering God in the Bible in our homes. More >

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