Follow the Lion’s tale… Free Resources

Discover more about St Jerome and his lion with these free resources for adults and children.

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Paintings of St Jerome often include his famous lion who, according to legend, guarded and assisted him in the wilderness after St Jerome pulled a thorn from the lion’s paw.

We have created these great resources to help you celebrate St Jerome and his trusty lion, and to share in this remarkable saint’s love of Scripture.

St Jerome Poster

Children’s Activity Pack

This free downloadable activity pack is perfect to share with primary school-aged children. All based around the theme of St Jerome, we’ve created lots of fun activities for children to enjoy: a maze, colouring pages, creative writing and a wordsearch. There are plenty of child-friendly favourites all free to download and to help you share the story of St Jerome and his lion.

Mosaic Experience

St Jerome was a key inspiration for artist Pete Codling, the artist who created our Byzantine and multi-panel smalti-mosaic. Immerse yourself in St Jerome’s story and in the story of the Gospel and Church through our interactive Mosaic Experience.

Wisdom from St Jerome – Study Resource for Adults

You can use this free study resource for adults (based on the article by Fr Jerome Ituah, OCD) in a group or for personal study. In it you will find an opportunity to pause and reflect on the life of St Jerome and the lessons we can learn from him.