June: Year B

Explore June’s Sunday reflections from the Feast of Corpus Christi to the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul.

Corpus Christi: Year B

On this Feast of Corpus Christi the Church gives us the letter to the Hebrews which reflects on the unique priesthood of Jesus Christ.

10th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Year B

Jesus’ words about a divided kingdom unable to stand can be contrasted with his desire and prayer for unity among his followers.

11th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Year B

Trees are a rich source of symbolism in the Scriptures: from the Tree of Life in Genesis which reappears in Revelation, to the Burning Bush and the Psalms, to the Cross of Christ.

12th Sunday in Ordinary Time: Year B

Paul states that “the love of Christ overwhelms us” – how often have you meditated on the love of Christ and been overwhelmed by it?

Feast of Saints Peter and Paul: Year B

Saints Peter and Paul are examples of wholehearted devotion in the service and worship of God. They laid the foundations for the Church, built up daily by the Holy Spirit.