Primary Collective Worship Resources

We have created 12 Collective Worship session plans (plus handouts) to help engage primary school children with the Scriptures.

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We believe that our God speaks to us, so we’re offering materials to help primary school children experience God speaking to them through the Scriptures, and a variety of practical activities which can deepen their faith.

Each session is designed to last between 30-60 minutes depending on the age and ability of the children and the activity you choose.

The sessions include classroom activities and assemblies, which can be celebrated in the classroom or in an assembly hall.

Each session includes four steps:

  1. A welcoming or gathering.
  2. A reading from Scripture.
  3. An activity or discussion about relevant aspects of our own lives today.
  4. An activity or discussion to explore how the Scripture relates to our own lives.

Each session will include music, some of which will be familiar and most of which can be sung without accompaniment. In many cases, we suggest using just the refrain or one verse with the refrain suitable for children of this age.

Handouts are provided to help with the activity and to guide the children through the liturgies and rites. The materials are appropriate for Key Stages 1 and 2 (with alternatives offered in some sessions for one or the other stage).