Not only do we need to hear and receive God’s word, we also need to put that word into practice. Scripture shapes our actions, choices and how we relate to God, our neighbours and to our world.

Primary Collective Worship Resources

We have created 12 Collective Worship session plans (plus handouts) to help engage primary school children with the Scriptures. More >

Listening and Praying

Please join us in praying into the 8 themes to emerge from our shared listening exercise. More >

Apostle to the Apostles

St Mary Magdalene's Feast Day is 22nd July and so we invite you to celebrate her in a new light, and in honour of the Pope's recent elevation of her role and feast day as the 'Apostle to the Apostles'. More >

Chris Rosser - Bible Sharing Groups

Chris Rosser introduces us to the power of 7 Steps Bible Sharing Groups on Zoom and how this model could also benefit your own parish community. More >

Dr Lynn Bassett - The Word is with us

Dr Lynn Bassett explores how the Word made flesh accompanies us in the word in this time of Eucharistic famine. More >

Frances Murphy - God still speaks

Frances Murphy describes her experience of the current lockdown. More >


Resources to encourage conversation. More >

Bible stories to fire the imagination

Eleanor Lalley shares her experience of reading the Bible as a child and her desire to spark that enthusiasm in her own children. More >

Being The Domestic Church

Encouragement for families. More >

Word in the Home

Our Focus for June is on encountering God at home through our Bible reading. More >

Open the Book

Bible Society's programme of sharing Bible stories in primary school assemblies. More >

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