Not only do we need to hear and receive God’s word, we also need to put that word into practice. Scripture shapes our actions, choices and how we relate to God, our neighbours and to our world.

Pentecost Novena on the Care of Creation

The Bishops of England and Wales offer this Pentecost Novena; prepared for the church in response to the latest Bishops' Plenary with the God who Speaks team. More >

Catholic Parish Discussion on Racial Justice

Our Lady of Fátima Church in White City have shared their important discussions around racial justice. More >

Pentecost and barriers to language

Rosie MacIntyre from Portsmouth Diocese offers us a unique perspective on Pentecost. She shows us how the Holy Spirit breaks down the barriers to communication among children and adults who use non-verbal language to share and engage with the Catholic faith. More >

Proverbs School Challenge

We've created a Proverbs Challenge for both Primary and Secondary Schools - to get pupils writing their own modern-day Proverbs. More >

Wisdom for the masses

Fr John Deehan gives us a rich insight into home education in the Old Testament, and how the wisdom of Proverbs became so central in the development of our faith. More >

Mirrors: how the Bible is key to reconciliation

Michael Pfundner reminds us that Christian unity is both a biblical imperative and a reality if we just approach the Scriptures through a new lens. More >

February 2021: Our Shared Scriptures

In this month's Focus we celebrate ecumenism and Catholic-Jewish relations. More >

The Psalms: A Doorway to Jewish-Catholic Dialogue

Both Jews and Christians cherish the psalms, study them, and pray them. Use this resource, prepared by Catholic and Jewish Leaders of Canada, to see how each tradition approaches these sacred texts. More >

Religious Studies Resources for Schools

Download these Religious Studies resources for Key Stage 3 and GCSE (9-1) secondary school education. More >

The God who Speaks to us and sustains our mental health

Ben Bano, Director of ‘Welcome Me as I Am’, reflects this month on what the Scriptures teach us about sustaining our mental health. More >

Help! I need somebody …

Michael Pfundner explores several Biblical examples of accompanying someone through mental ill health. More >

November 2020: The Bible and Mental Health

Our Focus for November is on Mental Health and Scripture. More >

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