An Introduction and Guide to using this Soul to Soul resource.

This brief foray into Scripture and wellbeing is not a manual, or six-steps ‘guide to happiness’; nor is it meant to replace pastoral care, counselling or psychotherapy. What it offers is an opportunity to look at matters of the soul through a biblical lens.

When it comes to today’s multi-faceted onslaught on our mental health, how can a collection of texts, written thousands of years and half a world away, help? That’s the question we’ll be exploring over the next six sessions. As we walk through parts of the biblical story, alongside some of the biblical characters, we’ll be looking at spiritual fundamentals like repressing truth about ourselves, the link between faith and meaning, suffering and the ‘dark night of the soul’, and what salvation might mean in the here and now.

We suggest you download one session a week. ‘Walk with’ the session content, reflecting and trying any of the suggested activities over the course of the week. Or focus on any of the texts or paintings that speak to you more directly. Remember that whatever works for you is the start of taking steps to form habits which will help with your spiritual wellbeing.


Download the introduction:

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