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Shafts of Light – Psalms of Disorientation 2

In this fourth article, Canon John Udris tackles Psalm 51, and several other psalms whose gospel echoes during the Passion of Jesus provide us with real hope in our despair. More >

Shafts of Light – Psalms of Disorientation 1

In this third article, Canon John Udris moves from Orientation to Disorientation as he navigates the complexities of life with some key psalms and biblical people who faced the dark times. More >


Discover the power of the Psalms and live life to the full. More >

Introduction to Shafts of Light: Exploring the Psalms

The power of the psalms in all of life’s complexities. More >

The Psalms: A Doorway to Jewish-Catholic Dialogue

Both Jews and Christians cherish the psalms, study them, and pray them. Use this resource, prepared by Catholic and Jewish Leaders of Canada, to see how each tradition approaches these sacred texts. More >

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