The Christmas Story in Plain English

Enjoy the Christmas story in a clear and accessible format with our free resource designed for those who prefer the Bible in plain words and pictures.

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A simplified Christmas Story for children and adults, written in plain English.

Our specially designed resource brings the Christmas Story to life with straightforward language and pictures. It’s particularly suitable for children and adults who prefer adapted learning, ensuring everyone can engage with and appreciate the Christmas story, regardless of learning preferences. It avoids complex terms and includes a character code to help bring the stories to life.

In the run-up to Christmas, this free, must-have seasonal resource takes the guesswork out of preparation for educators in schools and parishes. And it’s suitable for a range of age groups, making it an ideal Catholic teacher resource. Whether used as KS2 or KS3 religious education (RE) resources, the Christmas significance of the Christmas story is conveyed in an engaging and relatable way. Catechists will also find this tool invaluable for children’s liturgy resources.  

We’ve created this resource as a handy PDF document so that it’s easy to print and share with your group. The simple, bright and colourful illustrations will captivate children and adults alike, making the Christmas story a visually appealing learning experience.  

Share the joy and meaning of the Christmas Story far and wide with our easy-to-understand version.