The Easter Donkey

A new and interactive way to tell the Easter story.

Download our interactive resource and discover a captivating way to tell the Easter story.

(This is an adaptive version of ‘An Easter Donkey’s Diary’. Language has been simplified or altered and songs and actions from the original have been redacted in an attempt to make this accessible for a variety of differently abled children.)

Travel with our young donkey detective (the grandson of our Christmas Donkey) from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday as he seeks to unravel the special mission Jesus was carrying out. Pick up clues along the way and store them on his saddle. 

Narrate the story as children customise and interact with their donkey as the journey unfolds.

Written in fun, engaging and straightforward language, children will delight in hearing the Easter story told from the donkey’s point of view! 

Do I have to be confident in telling the Easter story myself?

We have provided you with a complete story script written by Tony Bower of the York Schools and Youth Trust. Of course, you can add your style to the story, but the whole Easter story script is available for you in this free download.

How long does reading the Easter story script take?

The script is written in three parts, each taking approximately 12 minutes to read.

Who is this Easter donkey resource for?

Anyone who would like to inspire young children to engage and interact with the Easter story in a new and exciting way. It’s a must-have resource for Catholic teachers and church group leaders, enriching their teaching materials over the Easter season. It’s also an excellent tool for parents and carers, making the narrative accessible and enjoyable.

What aged children is this Easter activity aimed at?

We think children between 6 and 9 would enjoy participating in this activity but use your discretion – we’re all young at heart! In educational settings, the activities are perfect as KS1 or KS2 religious studies resources or as children’s liturgy resources.

Included in your free downloadable Easter donkey resource pack:

  • A complete story script of the Easter story. 
  • Downloadable 3D donkey and clues to cut out and assemble (full colour and black/white options are both provided).

Do I need any other equipment?

You will need scissors, glue, and if you’ve chosen the black and white downloadable version of the donkey, you may like to make colouring pencils or pens available, too.

Have fun!