The Easter Story in Plain English

Discover our unique Easter Story resource, written in plain English!

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This specially designed resource is perfect for anyone who prefers learning materials that are straightforward and visually engaging. With its simple language and illustrations, this tool makes the Easter Story accessible and captivating to all. We’ve even included a character code to help readers keep up with the tale and get its full value.    

This is a must-have resource for Catholic teachers this Easter season. It’s versatile enough to suit a range of age groups – easily adapted as a KS2 or KS3 religious education (RE) resource. If you’re a parish educator, you’ll also find this tool invaluable as a children’s liturgy resource. It highlights the importance of Easter in an engaging, relatable way, using simple and vivid illustrations that resonate with both children and adults. And it’s an excellent springboard for stimulating discussions and creative activities in any setting.  

You can download this resource as a handy PDF document so that it’s easy to print and share with your group. 

Spread the Easter Story and its ongoing relevance in our lives today with this easy-to-understand resource.