Women in Scripture

Read Fleur Dorrell's Art Reflections on these inspiring women in Scripture.

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Fleur reflects on the story of Ruth through the lens of British watercolourist Thomas Matthews Rooke.


Fleur considers Guido Reni’s painting of the meeting between David and Abigail.


Fleur considers Hannah's story and the Victorian artist Frank W.W. Topham's depiction of her.


Fleur shares the story of Deborah, a Judge and Prophet, whilst considering this stained glass window by John Francis Bentley.


Fleur unpacks Henry Ossawa Tanner's illuminating painting of the Annunciation.


Fleur explains the multiple meanings present in Diego Velazquez's interpretation of Martha's story.


Discover the dramatic life of Sarah from the book of Tobit as Fleur looks closely at this work by Dutch artist Jan Steen.

The Haemorrhaging Woman

Fleur takes a look at this incredible yet unnamed woman's story as described in Scripture and through art.