April: Year A

Suffering, silence and the grave cannot confine or defeat Jesus in his death. The resurrection of all creation begins with Christ and continues to the ends of the earth.

Year A: Passion (Palm) Sunday

Isaiah, Paul and Matthew show us that the only way that Jesus can reflect the extent, depth and measure of God’s love is by accepting death.

Year A: Easter Sunday

The divine shattering of time and space by the resurrection of Christ is told by a woman running to two men and not being believed. And then they do believe.

Year A: Divine Mercy Sunday (2nd Sunday of Easter)

The new model of living invites us to mirror the image of God we find in it – the face of a deepened humanity, generous, inclusive, loving and attractive. It is not easy.

Year A: 3rd Sunday of Easter

Jesus once again breaks all boundaries with joy and wonder on the road to Emmaus and then offers the first Eucharistic model after the resurrection.

Year A: 4th Sunday of Easter

Peter sees it – he gets it – the power and purpose of Christ’s resurrection, and the implications overtake him.