Sunday Reflections Year A

Through the year, David Jackson helps us to reflect on the Sunday readings each month. He invites us into a dialogue of the heart with God and the Scriptures.

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Here we share reflections on the Sunday Mass readings for Year A.

Dialogue of the Heart

These reflections are an invitation to read the Bible in a variety of forms, and as a loving dialogue between God and humanity.

Mosaic of Jesus Christ

The Church leaves us on the brink of how Christ becomes visible and touchable - incarnate as a newborn child.

October: Year A

We acknowledge the unique love of God made manifest in Christ and that we have no exclusive right to its benefits.

September: Year A

God invites us to renew our minds, to make a new offering of our whole self, and a turning away from the world’s ways.

August: Year A

An essential part of the divine-human relationship is that it respects our humanity and addresses us in language we can understand.

July: Year A

There are those who hear the Word of God and those who do not. Divine encounter is offered to us all – but we must choose to take part in it.

June: Year A

Friends of God, like the prophets, gospel writers and disciples have complete trust that God is their champion and is at their side.

May: Year A

After the resurrection and through the new “body” of Christ is the Church, gathered as sign and sacrament of God’s all-pervasive presence.

April: Year A

Suffering, silence and the grave cannot confine or defeat Jesus in his death. The resurrection of all creation begins with Christ and continues to the ends of the earth.

March: Year A

A picture is painted of the God who rescues all humanity out of his immeasurable “grace-full-ness”.

February: Year A

The call to follow Christ is not easy and there are many distractions along the way, but it is infinitely worthwhile.

January: Year A
Advent and Christmas: Year A

Journey with Isaiah, Matthew, Luke and John this Advent and discover how Christ’s coming speaks to us in every age.