January: Year A

The light has come. See how peoples of all nations in all ages are united in Jesus Christ.

Year A: Mary, The Holy Mother of God

On this feast day of Mary the Mother of God, we follow a refugee family chosen to save the world.

Year A: The Feast of The Epiphany

On this feast of the Epiphany, we see how the Christ child fulfils the promise of salvation echoed throughout the Old Testament.

Year A: The Baptism of The Lord

On this feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we see the hoped-for vision of Isaiah is realised in the Word made flesh.

Year A: 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Here we see how God speaks to Israel in order to speak to all nations. God ‘chooses’ everyone! He wills the salvation of all.

Year A: 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light. What Isaiah dreamt of has become real for Paul.

Year A: 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Zephaniah invites us to choose God through seeking integrity and humility. The Divine call is inclusive of all and, therefore, universal.