Faith-Sharing Group Guides

Would you like to start, or do you run a small faith sharing group? We've added several useful and free guides for use in your own parish, school or community group.

Small faith-sharing groups can take many forms – Bible book clubs, Bible prayer groups, Bible and art workshops, Bible and saints groups, Bible foods and fellowship, Bible and social justice… the list goes on. If you’re thinking of starting a group or already running one you may appreciate some ideas and support for making your group a positive experience for everyone involved.

We’ve put together a free guide to support you in running your group,  plus a variety of different themed guides to help you get started in your own parish, school or community. 

Bible foods and fellowship:

3 week course or a 3 course meal? It’s up to you! Small faith-sharing groups can take many forms, one of them is to join together in fellowship over food and Scripture. This follows the example given to us by Jesus who regularly ate with his disciples and followers. How you structure your group session will depend on the group composition and the food you’re sharing; below you will find a suggested structure as well as a sample menu to get you started.

Bible and Saints:

You may like to explore the lives of saints with your group. We’ve pulled together some free resources for you to use to discover more about St Jerome and his lion:

Bible and Prayer:

You may like to come together and pray as a small group. A simple way to pray with Scripture in a group is to use the 7 Steps Bible Sharing method. Download the small group guide here:

Bible and Art:

As a group you may like to seek different ways to explore Scripture together. You could use pictures or images to help you pray and reflect on the Word of God. Using art as a prompt for prayer may be a useful way for people to deepen their relationship with the Bible.

Sr M Michael, RSM of Hexham and Newcastle Diocese has written this guide on this particular method of prayer called Visio Divina, an illustrated version of Lectio Divina: