Discover the power of the Psalms and explore the highs and lows of what it means to live life to the full. Find yourself in this ancient poetry that speaks to us today.

Introduction to Shafts of Light: Exploring the Psalms

Canon John Udris of Northampton Diocese explores the power of the psalms in all of life’s complexities with this exciting new series.

Shafts of Light - Psalms of Orientation 1

In this first article, Canon John Udris reveals the beauty of Psalm 1, the integrity of St Joseph’s faith and the importance of humility as we draw near to God along the way.

Shafts of Light - Psalms of Orientation 2

In this second article, Canon John Udris looks at obedience as the highest form of trust in God and the importance of listening to the Spirit to guide us in the right direction.