St Matthew’s Gospel

The gospel of St Matthew presents the whole life of Jesus from childhood to the cross and beyond.

As part of its usual cycle of Scripture readings, the Church focuses on St Matthew’s Gospel every third year. So here you will find articles about St Matthew’s Gospel, a day-by-day reading plan and our St Matthew’s Gospel Trail Poster.

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon, a priest of the Nottingham Diocese, has written weekly commentaries on Matthew’s Gospel to complement the Sunday Mass readings. You can find these here on the Nottingham Diocese website (in the left hand column, towards the bottom of the page).

St Matthew’s Gospel Day-by-day

The Bishops of England and Wales invite you to join them in reading Saint Matthew’s Gospel, just a few verses each day.

St Matthew's Gospel Posters

Use our Matthew Poster and follow the Gospel trail.

A journey of Mindfulness with St Matthew

Fr Tom Grufferty, a priest of the Portsmouth Diocese, invites us to walk out of our comfort zone and march on a journey of mindfulness with St Matthew.

Everyday Matthew - you didn’t know you knew

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon, a priest of the Nottingham Diocese, takes us through the Gospel of St Matthew to reveal a surprising number of quotes we use in our daily lives.

The Lord's Prayer

Matthew’s Gospel is a great place to begin to understand the Lord’s Prayer. Fr Joseph O’ Hanlon, a priest of the Nottingham Diocese, shares how Matthew’s readers and hearers are shown how to do on earth what is done in heaven.

The Sermon on the Mount

Fr Joseph O’Hanlon, a priest of the Nottingham Diocese, writes about the Sermon on the Mount and asks: Are you happy or are you blessed?