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Fleur shares the story of Deborah, a Judge and Prophet, whilst considering this stained glass window by John Francis Bentley. More >


Fleur unpacks Henry Ossawa Tanner's illuminating painting of the Annunciation. More >


Fleur explains the multiple meanings present in Diego Velazquez's interpretation of Martha's story. More >

O for the wings of a Dove

To celebrate Pentecost this year, Fleur Dorrell looks at where and why the dove features in the Bible and other sources. More >

Listening in Silence

Spend some time listening in silence with this abstract painting by Priest-painter - Robert Wright as you journey this Eastertide. More >

The Light has come: Christmas and Epiphany through Art

Fleur Dorrell looks at three different images of Mary, the Magi and the Star. More >

Little Bits of God – Our Smalti-Mosaic Artwork

Watch our new video showcasing the completed God who Speaks artwork and the artist, Pete Codling, explaining his artistic process. More >

St Jerome and Bible Translation

Read about St Jerome's translation work in Pope Francis’ Apostolic Letter and find out about the work of modern day translators here. More >

Painting the World

Fleur Dorrell explores three modern paintings that each reveal a different facet of God’s relationship with the earth. More >

Painting the sounds

Fleur Dorrell takes us on a visual exploration of sacred music as depicted in three different paintings. More >

Art & Culture

Inspiration to deepen our faith and love of Scripture through Art. More >

The Art of Stained Glass Scripture

David Ashford brings to light the works of art tucked away in our churches. More >

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