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Good Work

What does the Bible have to say about how we work and when we should rest? More >

Mary Magdalene

Fleur looks at the many different ways Mary Magdalene has been depicted in art. More >

Our Lady and the Thread of Life

Fleur Dorrell explores some of the less commonly known symbols in art and scripture related to Our Lady, and their wider meanings for our faith and spirituality. More >

Our Lady

Join us in celebrating the role Our Lady plays in Scripture and in our faith. More >


Fleur celebrates Lydia of Thyatira, a successful businesswoman and Philippian convert, while reflecting on this painting by the artist Edward Irvine Halliday. More >

Eastertide Through Art: A Visual Journey

Fleur Dorrell takes us on a visual journey through Eastertide. More >

The Meaning of Life – Part 1 (Identity)

What is identity and what does it mean for us today? More >

The Haemorrhaging Woman

Fleur takes a look at this incredible yet unnamed woman's story as described in Scripture and through art. More >


Discover the dramatic life of Sarah from the book of Tobit as Fleur looks closely at this work by Dutch artist Jan Steen. More >

Women in Scripture Art Reflections

Listen to the Women in Scripture Podcast series here and read Fleur Dorrell's art reflections on these inspiring women. More >


Fleur reflects on the story of Ruth through the lens of British watercolourist Thomas Matthews Rooke. More >


Fleur considers Guido Reni’s painting of the meeting between David and Abigail. More >

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